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GenXLabs Heavy Duty Lifting Power Hooks

Neoprene Rubber Coated Power Hook. A slip-resistant coating, outside strap, and durable buckle

  • Durable steel construction
  • Wrist supports are made with 1/4-in thick and 2.5-in wide neoprene
  • Heavy-Duty Design up to 750 lbs
  • 3" wide hooks with full rubber coating
  • Excellent for helping you lift more
  • Super comfortable with thick padding
  • Excellent for all of your pulling movements!

GenXLabs Heavy Duty Power Hooks are designed to make your workouts better. Our products can help you reach your goals more quickly. 

Don't let grip strength limit your workout and prevent you from meeting your goals. GenXLabs Heavy Duty Power Hooks allow you to increase your reps overnight, so you can train harder and for longer. If your grip is your weakest link, perhaps due to a previous injury, arthritis or simply lack of training, it can seriously limit your ability to lift. Weightlifting hooks sidestep this issue, letting you lift safely and for longer.

GenXLabs solid steel hooks have a non-slip coating, which means that you don't have to worry about the bar sliding or jolting in the hook. The cuff is made of high strength fabric, padded for extra comfort and strength, and is very adjustable, so you can choose the fit that's right for you. The cuff provides wrist support as well as acting as a strong base for the hook, giving you extra security as you lift.

GenXLabs Heavy Duty Power Hooks are extremely adjustable, which is why the single size fits and is comfortable for almost everyone. Suitable for men and women, GenXLabs Heavy Duty Power Hooks have a pull rating of 750lb, making them suitable for all but the most extreme workouts. The solid steel hooks are secured to the supportive wrist cuffs, providing an integrated unit that's strong all the way through.

Designed to be durable, GenXLabs Heavy Duty Power Hooks are made with high-quality fabrics, secure stitching, and industrial strength velcro.