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Cotton Hair Beanie Adjustable for Both Men and Women

Cotton Hair Beanie Adjustable for Both Men and Women

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GenXLabs Workout Cotton Hair Beanie is a versatile accessory designed for both training and everyday wear. Its patent-pending design makes it a convenient solution for various hair needs, whether you're dealing with a bad hair day or want to keep your hair dry and looking good during exercise.

Made primarily from lightweight cotton (95%), this beanie offers comfort and functionality. Its moisture-absorbing properties are particularly useful on hot days or during intense workouts, helping to keep your hair dry and ready for any occasion.

Moreover, the beanie features the GenXLabs Muscles-R-Sexy logo print along the side, adding a touch of style to your look. The inclusion of a fishbone ribbon with snap buttons at the back allows for adjustable hair lengths, accommodating extensions, dreads, braids, and various other styles. This adjustable feature ensures a comfortable fit for different hair types and lengths.

In addition to the cotton version, the beanie is also available in a Stretch Knit material, providing even more options for personal preference and style. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands, the GenXLabs Workout Cotton Hair Beanie offers practicality, comfort, and style in one convenient accessory.

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