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Weight Training Deal FREE Shaker

Weight Training Deal FREE Shaker

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GenXLabs that includes various weight training accessories. Here's a breakdown of the items included:

  1. Lifting Belt:

    • Made of 100% genuine leather with a padded back and soft suede lining.
    • Features a multi-ply design with a contoured shape for added comfort.
    • Equipped with a double prong buckle and sturdy border stitching.
    • Extra suede padding for enhanced support.
  2. Heavy-Duty Padded Lifting Straps:

    • Constructed from 100% heavy-duty canvas with padded straps.
    • Suitable for heavy-duty training sessions.
    • Features extra neoprene padding on the wrist for comfort.
    • Provides extra length and width for improved grip during lifts.
  3. Tee-Shirt:

    • Black tee-shirt made of super heavyweight 65% cotton and 35% polyester.
    • Front features the classic "One More with GenXLabs" logo.
    • Back displays the "One More Round, One More Mile, One More Lap, One More Set" logo.
  4. Free Shaker Bottle:

    • Blender Bottle shaker cup, patented for its effective mixing design.
    • No batteries or cords required; it's portable and convenient for various settings.
    • Includes BlenderBall wire whisk for thorough mixing of ingredients.
    • Features Twist n’ Lock™ containers for versatile usage.

This deal appears to offer a comprehensive set of weight training accessories, including essential items like a lifting belt and lifting straps, as well as a bonus tee-shirt and shaker bottle for added value.

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