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Padded Weight Lifting Belt 4"

Padded Weight Lifting Belt 4"

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GenXLabs Padded Weight Lifting Belt offers several features tailored to support weightlifting activities effectively:

  1. Material Composition: Made from 100% genuine leather, ensuring durability and reliability during heavy lifting sessions.

  2. Padded Back and Soft Suede Lining: The inclusion of padding and suede lining enhances comfort and provides additional support to the back during lifting.

  3. Multi-Ply Design: Utilizing both leather and leather board in its construction, this belt offers a sturdy and supportive structure for the lifter.

  4. Contoured Design: The belt's contouring adds to the comfort level, allowing for a better fit and support around the waist.

  5. Double Prong Buckle: The double-prong buckle design enhances stability and ensures the belt stays securely fastened during workouts.

  6. Strong Border Stitching: Reinforced stitching along the edges ensures the belt's durability and longevity even under heavy use.

  7. 1/4" Leather Thickness: The top-quality leather used in the belt measures 1/4" thick, providing ample support without sacrificing flexibility.

  8. Double-Stitched Edges: Sturdy double-stitched edges further enhance the belt's durability and resilience.

  9. Double-Prong Roller Buckle: This type of buckle is known for its secure fastening and ease of adjustment, accommodating various waist sizes.

  10. Durable Loops: The loops designed to secure the belt tab are durable, ensuring that the belt stays in place throughout the lifting session.

  11. Soft Suede Padded Lining: The soft suede lining not only adds to the comfort but also provides additional support to the lifter's back.

Overall, the GenXLabs Padded Weight Lifting Belt combines high-quality materials, thoughtful design features, and robust construction to offer support and comfort for weightlifting enthusiasts.

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